Mandy the Manta is our mascot. We don't use her with our logo - she's a free creature! She should always be presented on our blue background, ideally with lots of space and plenty of bubbles (she needs to breathe). Mandy doesn't like being taken out of her environment, so please don't put her on any other background images or colours. And for the love of all things, please don't flip her or rotate her. She's a tender creature.

Manta illustration

Manta Illustration

Colour scheme

We have a limited colour palette of two blues and various shades of grey. You can find the colour values in the table below, or download the swatches in ASE format if you prefer.

This is our Manta blue. Use for large blocks of colors.
  • HEX: #257bcc
  • |
  • R37 G123 B204
  • |
  • C80 M48 Y0 K0
Use for small features and buttons.
  • HEX: #003694
  • |
  • R0 G54 B148
  • |
  • C100 M90 Y10 K2
Use for large, secondary feature areas.
  • HEX: #f6f6f6
  • |
  • R246 G246 B246
  • |
  • C2 M1 Y1 K0
Use for large, tetriary feature areas (use sparingly).
  • HEX: #ededed
  • |
  • R237 G237 B237
  • |
  • C6 M4 Y4 K0
Use for very small highlights.
  • HEX: #222222
  • |
  • R34 G34 B34
  • |
  • C72 M66 Y65 K72


We use two typefaces: Designosaur and Lucida Grande. Designosaur is used exclusively for headers, and Lucida Grande (regular) is used exclusively for body text. See below for some examples of how you'd use them!

Main page heading

Introduction heading

Subheading can also be in lighter gray colour

Article heading


Designosaur font for headlines.
Sizes: 56px / 30px / 22px.

Only the smallest headline (size: 16px) can be with capitalised letters.

Normal paragraph of text is in dark gray, like the headlines. Emphasis should be in our manta blue.

Use lighter gray and smaller font size for larger blocks of text and article summaries.


Lucida Grande for paragraphs of text.
Sizes: 13px / 12px.

App screenshots

  • Screenshot of MANTA homepage



  • Screenshot of MANTA profile page

    Profile page


  • Screenshot of MANTA admin homepage

    Admin homepage