1. Sign up to MANTA

    Sign up

    Create a Manta account for your company by completing the short sign-up form. There are no contracts to sign and you will not be commiting to any lengthy time period.

  2. Personalizing MANTA


    Upload your company's logo and choose a colour theme to match your corporate brand. Take a look at our features page to see what you can do. There are a dozen or so optional configuration settings you can change, such as your company's annual leave start date, how you refer to teams/departments, etc.

  3. Import data to MANTA

    Import data

    You can either bulk-upload via a CSV file or by adding the data using our online forms. From here you can also add your clients/projects and set who reports to whom no matter how your company is structured. It should all be straightforward, but if not, we are on hand to help.

  4. Launch MANTA


    You're all set up and it's time to launch. When you are ready, Manta will send a personalised email to each of your staff with instructions on how to log in and set their password. Maybe let some of your senior management team have a qucik play beforehand and they'll soon be able to help their teams.

  5. Smiley faces


    Sit back, relax and enjoy managing your now happy staff on our easy-to-use platform.

  6. MANTA advanced settings


    Once you're familiar with the system and all is running beautifully, start to look at some of the advanced settings to get the most out of your new HR portal.

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