You are a construction, computing, finance, marketing people company.
Humans; the most important and valuable part of your business. They're how your customers see you, they define your culture. Because it's not just Dave in accounts. It's the team member who's engaged. Who feels empowered and proud of where he works. He revels in telling people how great it is to work there, how good the product is, with his friends, his family, at a conference, to anyone who'll listen; in the pub, over dinner, on social networks. He's a salesman, a recruiter, a brand ambassador – your biggest advocate!

Introducing Manta; a social HR tool to facilitate a happy working culture, raise engagement, reduce sick days and staff turnover. Ever wonder why a third of all sick days occur on a Monday?

So consider Dave when you purchase your next HR system. After all, productivity thrives on engagement and Manta will provide your team with the tools to feel like a part of something more. Something great. The ability to build a truly spectacular company, whoever or wherever they are.

We're putting the human back into Human Resources.
We are Manta.

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